Is your hotel ready to welcome millennial travelers?

Before proceeding, we must first make sure that we are referring to the same person when we use the term “millennial traveler”.

Millennials (also called Generation Y or Next Generation) are people born between the early 1980s and early 2000s. They account for about 20% of international travelers, and it is estimated that by 2020, they will account for more than 320 million international trips.

ew Those are some amazing numbers! No wonder hotels use everything they have to attract them. But despite all their efforts, can hotels really meet the needs of millennials? Don’t they even know what millennials are looking for?

If you are not sure, please allow me to make some suggestions

Tip 1: Technology is their vitality

Technology is to millennials what it is to fish, it is life itself. Most of us think that good privileges-Internet, Wi-Fi, high-speed mobile data-are essential to their lifestyle.

What does this mean for the hotel

According to a report, nearly 71% of millennial travelers believe that free Wi-Fi is an important factor in choosing a hotel. Therefore, the hotel, please pull up your socks and prepare the technique for them. Or they might walk up to your competitors and book a room with them.

Tip 2: Millennials love their smartphones

Millennials attach great importance to the expression “technology within reach”. He may work for hours without food and water, but it is not without checking his smartphone. He works, plays, chats, chats, writes emails, watches videos, and uses his mobile phone to keep up with the latest news. His mobile phone is also capable of other more complex operations, such as booking airline tickets, arranging hotels and paying bills.

What does this mean for the hotel

It is absolutely necessary that hotels must invest in first-class mobile technology, starting with websites that adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions. Since more than half of millennial travelers use mobile devices to discover and book hotels, the hotel industry has paid a heavy price for not investing in mobile responsive websites. You may also want to consider purchasing an app for your hotel to facilitate functions such as mobile check-in, check-out, payment and redemption of points.

Tip 3: Millennials are “social” creatures

Generation Y is often criticized for evading forms of social interaction that parents prefer. They are considered to be isolated from the world. But the truth is that millennials do tend to connect with each other, but not in the way we are familiar. The online world, especially social media, dominates their social life. They can hang out on Facebook, Twitter, What’sApp, GChat and Snapchat, sign in, upload pictures, start conversations and share life details.

What does this mean for the hotel

Given that social media is one of the biggest influencing factors in the lives of millennials, hotels must work together to gain a place on various platforms. In fact, they must go beyond the token Facebook and Instagram pages and build communities online. Engage with your audience, engage them, solve their problems, and invite them to comment. Active social media profiles can inspire confidence in millennials, and in the long run they are likely to win Brownie points.

Tip 4: Millennials are confident in peer review

Generation Y are suspicious people, they can identify the marketing head from a mile away. Therefore, they rely heavily on “peer review” to gather information about locations. Whether they are buying a new gadget or trying it out in a nearby restaurant, you will see them comment before deciding any action. They think it is a more authentic and “true” source of information. And you can be 100% sure that they will read the information about your hotel before deciding to stay.

What does this mean for the hotel

Don’t try to patronize or deceive millennial travelers. All your online media resources (websites, blogs, social media profiles) should display accurate information with the latest pictures. If you want to offer a discount or discount, please arrange the terms in black and white. Encourage your visitors to leave you comments on platforms such as TripAdvisor or Facebook pages; you can incentivize the process if needed. If you receive negative reviews, please take steps to resolve and resolve the issue.

Millennials don’t expect you to be perfect. However, they do want you to be transparent and sincere. Mistakes are an inevitable part of your industry, and if you have taken all possible steps to correct the problem, you will be forgiven. Otherwise, you will find yourself on the receiving end of annoying comments posted to the world.

Tip 5: Millennials are enjoying it

Generation Y is relatively free from responsibilities at home and is more willing to travel. However, unlike previous generations, nearly 62% of millennial travelers will extend their business holidays to explore this place and gain cultural experience.

What does this mean for the hotel

Gone are the days when that single table in a hotel room took care of any “business needs” that travelers had. Millennials do not like to work in the room. This is a generation. They walked out of the cafe and sat on their laptops and worked for several hours. They popularized the concept of a “third space” independent of the home and office. Design the hotel lobby to meet this need so that when they go out to find a place to work, they don’t have to go too far.

Tip 6: Millennials seek real experiences

Although it seems to be engrossed in the online world, millennials are always looking for unique and meaningful travel experiences. They want to stay personal and not give up the opportunity to learn valuable things. They are not satisfied with the climax of visiting tourist attractions, they are eager to interact with locals and immerse themselves in various cultural experiences.

What does this mean for the hotel

Refuse to use the cookie cutter method for the service you provide to your guests. Provide them with a real travel experience, that is, immersive, interactive and hands-on experience. Don’t just take them on regular sightseeing tours, show the city from behind the bus or window panes. Take them to meet local artisans, show them the way to the hips and underground bars, and show them interesting customs and traditions. This is the only way to add real value to their lives and create experiences they cherish throughout their lives.

It is undeniable that millennials are fully promoting the hotel industry. They already account for one-third of global hotel guests, and this number is expected to rise to 50% by 2020.

In order to keep up with increasing demand, hotels must show their willingness to develop and reshape themselves. They must abandon traditional operating methods, re-examine their marketing strategies, and plan unique experiences for the Y generation.

In addition, the hotel industry is in their best interests. By updating the quotation, the hotel will maintain an important position in the industry and have the ability to respond to the changing needs of the times. Millennial travelers are the dream cash cow of every industry, and by catering to their needs, hotels can at least ensure a substantial income for the next few decades.