Customer Relationship Management-Trends in the next few years

Before delving into the future trend of CRM, I want to share what CRM is.

What is CRM?

If you have been asking yourself what CRM is and what it does, then please follow me. I will explain the full meaning of CRM.

Customer relationship management is a business strategy that focuses on meeting customer needs. It does this by using advanced technology to organize and automate the marketing sales and customer service components of your business. The basic development and design of the CRM system aims to collect information about customers across multiple channels between the organization and consumers, which may include the organization’s site, phone calls, direct mail, real-time chat, marketing materials, and social media. It can also provide you with customer-facing staff, describing data about users’ personal information, purchasing preferences, purchasing history, and concerns.

Therefore, this is just a small introduction to CRM. Now, let us move towards the future trend of customer relationship management.

Future customer relationship management trends:

•Integrate data from multiple channels

• Handling big data

• Switch to cloud-based CRM

• Social CRM

•Mobile CRM

• CRM software system with variables

• Create a better customer experience

•CRM challenges


• Slow returns and lack of consistency

Examples of future CRM systems

Mobile customer relationship management:

The popularity of mobile CRM is expected to increase greatly. example:-

• INDOCIN BANK launched a fingerprint banking business, customers can use fingerprints to conduct transactions without fingerprints

• DBS Bank has launched a completely paperless and branch-less mobile-only bank that allows customers to open accounts through the biometric authentication of multiple companies that make arrangements with another card.

Integration with social media

Currently, most companies appear on social media, but being there is not enough. Evaluating the impact of social media on the business is very important. example:-

• India’s MERCEDES-BENZ became the first brand in the country to use Twitter’s twitcam campaign with the tag tweet for clicks. These provide users with an opportunity to watch and watch pictures of Mercedes-Benz Pavillion live from the 2016 Auto Expo. Whenever they post a tweet using a hashtag, tweet click and “keep the best winner”.

• Audi India uses Twitter’s flock to unlock the card. Once the card is unlocked, the brand can use it to publish new product videos or commercial advertisements. A tweet will be sent to everyone participating in the exclusive content, and Kohli will not A tweet on Twitter representing Audi’s official password to unlock the fastest phone was retweeted 600 times

Cloud deployment

According to experts, software as a service, or SAS, is expected to dominate in the future. example:-

• Myspa officially managed by ZENOTI provides seasoning-based solutions for spa salons and medical spas. The solution is designed to manage all operational aspects of spa and salon business, such as online booking, appointment management, POS CRM staff management, inventory control, built-in marketing and analysis, etc. The use of SAS solutions in just a few years will make the solution richer and the number of salons will increase from twelve to fifty-four.

Growing demand for personalized CRM

In today’s highly competitive world, each business has its own unique software requirements and provides customers with a large number of choices. More and more companies are using personalized CRM.

End-to-end solutions for customer and prospect management

CRM is no longer just for sales and support. Now, it has become a platform for the entire marketing process, from potential customer marketing leads to invoice cycle, and calculating the return on investment of marketing activities.

The case for future CRM

Wearable devices may be the next big thing in CRM. The integration of wearable computing devices with CRM systems allows organizations to access customer data in real time and effectively interact with customers. It also enables companies to identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, and strengthen relationships with customers every time they encounter them.

CRM vendors are working with variable equipment manufacturers to explore different solutions that can use information for profitable purposes, such as lead generation and campaign creation, and shorten lead time. E.g: –

• Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports customized mobile platforms, which are compatible with Google Glass.

• Wearable devices now allow users to shop online directly from their devices. For example, PayPal recently announced the launch of a new application that allows users to pay for products using Samsung gear2 SmartWatch.

• Google Glass has a function that can track the user’s eyes to recognize that the advertisement that the customer sees has been implemented. Its patented paper watching advertising model uses this feature to change digital marketing. example:

The use of Google Glass in the hotel industry: daily plan.

In this example, the hotel staff is wearing Google Glass. This pair is integrated with the hotel’s hospitality application and customer service system.

• Once the customer enters the lobby, the employee will retrieve this information through smart glasses and greet him with his name.

• She confirmed the customer’s booking details and preferences, and quickly started the boarding process.

• In addition, she tracks the customer’s loyalty points and gives him or her the option to redeem or accumulate points.

• She informs the client about the weather and local events around the destination.

After the guest checked in, she also used glasses to translate the information into her mother tongue. Hotel staff provide food or beverages and other services according to the customer’s choice. The advantages of smart glasses are listed below:

•Effectively interact with the customer and satisfy his or her preferences

• Create a smooth hospitality experience for customers

• Provide a lot of customer-related information to better target the hotel’s marketing efforts

Conclusion: the future of CRM

So these are the CRM trends in the example in the next few years. Based on the above details, it is clear that there will be potential growth in the marketing and technical aspects of CRM. These organizations are seeking to harness the power of customer relationships.

Thank you very much because of the increasing interaction between online products and customers due to social media platforms, customer perceptions of services and products have become the driving force of the business. Now, the company is listening to and responding to users’ opinions in order to use the power of the latest technology to continue to predict and present what customers want. For more updates, please stay tuned!