8Look for brand resources to increase revenue

Mortgage holders are increasingly calling for us to provide assistance to hotels facing financial difficulties. Sometimes they are called to prepare for foreclosure actions to begin arranging the right of takeover, and sometimes when the mortgage holder exercises their rights under the loan terms to intervene in professional management. Fortunately, we noticed that astute hotel owners are discovering a new trend. They realize that things are not right and do not understand why their hotels are not generating the revenue they deserve. These owners are smart and can seek outside expertise first before training them. It allows them to negotiate before a takeover or forced management situation occurs.

What these customers and all of our customers (whether they are multi-unit owners or family-run motels) have in common is that they are not fully utilizing the resources provided to them by the franchise brand. It’s a pity that brands strive to provide value to their franchise community, so their efforts are often overlooked and underutilized. Below are the eight main resources provided by most major accommodation brands. Contact your sales team and general manager for information on how to make the most of them in your hotel.

Brand and online travel agency partners: Not long ago, the public-facing online booking website was based on the wholesaler model; control your room inventory at a substantially reduced price, and resell it at the highest possible price to save the difference. In most cases, those days have passed. Brands focused on maintaining long-term quality and rate integrity have forced third-party sites to enter more favorable arrangements for hotels. Sites such as Orbitz, Expedia, and have all been online experiences and have undergone a complete makeover. Large brands have negotiated new agreements, and online agents and hotels have agreed to maintain pricing integrity and adopt a commission model like traditional physical travel agencies. Yes, the commission is slightly higher than the traditional 10% (about 15-20%). However, you no longer need to hand over valuable room inventory that you cannot control to them. You can allocate as many rooms as you need. Will you pay a higher commission to the travel agency at the best price within one day, while maintaining the integrity of the price? I hope you can.

In the arena of online travel agencies, don’t forget the online government travel agency Fedrooms, the Federal Chancellor’s accommodation plan. For tourists seeking government travellers, this is a must-have program. Major brands (Choice, Hilton, Wyndham, LaQuinta and InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)) have advertisements and may provide you with a match at little or no cost Advertising opportunities.

Brand promotions and packages: Most accommodation brands are working hard to create well-thought-out promotional activities and package templates for business and leisure travelers, and advertise through print media, online and telephone reservation centers. Participate in these promotions and packages. You can set prices, and they are perfect for generating incremental revenue during off-peak hours.

Brand frequent/membership program: Your franchise has made every effort to build a huge database of brand loyal users. You can participate in numerous promotional activities for these loyal users with little or no money. In most cases, the database is so good that you can target regular visitors to your destination. Bonus points products such as first-time guests or night arrivals can target undeveloped new visitors. Yes, I know the points you will pay to these guests, but again this is not a valid complaint, because you should set your own best available price while considering all discounts, fees and commissions.

Group, car coaches and national/global sales offices: I have to admit that I have not met a sales director or general manager, they can appoint their contacts in their team, car coaches and/or the brand’s national sales office. These account managers are eager to learn more about your hotel and the services it provides (especially if it is unique to your brand, such as a select service brand hotel with a conference center, which is next to the first in the market Big bus stops or information about company facilities that exceed brand standards. Please contact them and introduce your personal hotel to them. However, please do not try to tell them how you performed during the RFP peak season. In January, they are All activities are not confused. These national account managers are calling on the top decision makers and influencers in the largest national accounts. The important thing is that they must understand you and keep in touch with you and your hotel.

Speaking of visits, have you visited the brand reservation center for introduction?

Performance report: Nothing can highlight your opportunities better than comparing data. Your brand usually provides reports such as Smith Travel Research’s STAR and TravelClick’s Hotelligence for free. Take this opportunity to evaluate your opportunities and develop sales strategies to increase revenue. Does the STAR report indicate in your market that your brand size, location, and price point hotels are achieving higher average daily room rates or occupancy rates? How will you deal with it? Does the Hotelligence report show that your competitors are attracting new customers in the market? Obtaining these reports and understanding how to use them to increase revenue is critical to long-term financial success.

Cooperative promotion and advertising: Brands usually create areas where they can collaborate to promote their areas and distribute promotion costs among participants and even brands. When opening or renovating a hotel, there may also be marketing funds or credit to offset your marketing funds.

training: Our company holds regular direct sales training meetings on behalf of national brands all the year round. Yes, the general manager said, don’t miss the opportunity to attend training and help your sales team members and general manager to learn more about sales. Attending a compulsory sales training seminar will help, but it will not make your staff skills expert. Repetitive sales training accompanied by multiple facilitators will help them improve their skills and checkout ability. The same recommended training is usually provided in the field of revenue management.

Distribution channel layout: Where is your hotel displayed on the hotel list on the Internet, GDS system or call center? Contact your franchise support representative to discuss how your brand can help you perform these searches better. They can guide you on ways to improve performance, such as pay-per-click, GDS placement (ie Saber Spotlight), web search placement, etc. Some require payment, while others do not.

When making your marketing plan for next year, please consider the above opportunities and add some related tasks to the plan. good luck!